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Saint Anne's Catholic Primary School, Ormskirk



Welcome to the website of

St. Anne's Catholic Primary School, Ormskirk


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St. Anne’s is a Catholic Primary School serving the parishes of St. Anne’s Ormskirk and St. Mary’s Aughton. We enjoy good relationships with all the other local primaries and often work together on joint projects. We have a strong relationship with the parish clergy and our local High School St. Bede’s.



St. Anne’s school is within the Archdiocese of Liverpool and is under the trusteeship of Douai Abbey.  St Anne’s is both popular and successful.  Its academic achievements are outstanding, but equally important is the ethos which we strive very hard to sustain.



Our Mission Statement is short.  “Loving God in all we do” but to the community of St. Anne’s it carries a clear message which is - Never give less than your best because every action you perform and every word you say is an acknowledgement of your love for God expressed through your treatment of others and the way you live your own life.  As a consequence we have a school community in which everyone is included and valued and where high expectation and fantastic achievement is the norm.



We also have lots of fun!



Whether you are a parent of a child currently attending St. Anne’s or someone who is just about to make a choice about which school your child will attend we hope you will enjoy the site. If you would like to visit the school please ring for an appointment. If you have any ideas as to how we could improve the service please let us know.














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